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My name is Myles Bradley, I am a self employed SEO Consultant based near London.

I DO NOT work for Google, I have no connection or special relationship with Google.

I AM NOT approved or authorised or endorsed by Google in any way.

I am a freelance SEO Consultant that works from home.

I DO NOT guarantee to achieve first page of Google, (nobody can), I just try my best.

What I do is put everything in place on your website and on other websites that Google will be looking for and which should place it at the top of its search results.

Getting your website found on the first page of the Google results requires a combination of onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

If you do not have your website optimisation correct and have your link building just right your website will never appear first page Google.

My first page of Google SEO service includes everything that is required put on your website and on other websites that should result in a top position on Google for your site.

I also hold 1-1 Google SEO courses with hands on practical training where we can optimise your own website during my time onsite with you. If you are looking for an easy to understand Google SEO training course delivered in plain English then take a look at my SEO Training Course

For my complete First Page Google optimisation service:

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07522 312 284

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